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About Lisa Barton Art

I am an artist and teacher that recently moved to Logan Utah from Salt Lake City.   I’m so inspired by the mountains and open pastures, rivers and marshes.  There is a painting around every corner here!  

I had the opportunity to study with Kamille Corry and attend workshops with several other generous and skilled artists. 

I find it hard to focus on one subject and am continually jumping from landscape, to portrait, to still life.  I’m currently working mostly in oils. I have produced murals, play scenery backdrops, photo backdrops, and a candy window sculpture display.  I have worked on Days of 47 floats, and many other projects that always seemed to involve an inordinate amount of glitter, styrofoam, caulk and threatened to destroy house and garage.  

I have always felt it was important to be involved in Church and humanitarian work including Scouting, and Days for Girls. I have  three perfect children, an awesome daughter and son in law and the cutest grandson ever. I have been blessed to be married for 34 years to my amazing and infinitely patient husband who has supported me in all my endeavors.  We love traveling, remodeling our house, 

and spending time outdoors.

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